by The Grand Astoria



Music and lyrics by Kamille Sharapodinov except "Omniabsence" (music my The Grand Astoria) and "The Song Of Hope" (music by Kamille Sharapodinov and Michail Lopakov)

Recorded, mixed and mastered in St. Petersburg in autumn-winter 2010-2011. THE GRAND ASTORIA were: Kamille Sharapodinov (vocals, guitars), Igor Suvorov (guitars), Farid Azizov (bass), and Nick Kunavin (drums). Featured among other guest-musicians are: Arkady Fedotov of VESPERO (keyboards) and Pete Bingham of SENDELICA (guitars). (57 min. – 9 tracks)


How many of you know a friend that has a band that you’re sure is gonna be “the next big thing”? That’s kind of what we have here.Not so many bands could commend with always growing and improving
catalogue and with three albums out of three, The Grand Astoria lands down the ground which not so many of them have walked before. This
Russian band comes with prosperity and it’s highly recommendable to listen to their masterfully threesome after having a successful day.
You might feel really delighted. Yet another favorite in my alwaysgrowing collection. – Prog Sphere (SERBIA)

‘Omnipresence' let my expectations go sky high. 'Omnipresence' is a salmagundi of the best ingrediences what I call my favorite music
styles. All songs are equipped with killer fuzzy riffs and infectious hooks and grooves, but one song overmatch everything and is one of the
best songs I heard this year - the 12 and a half minute totally epic spaced out psychedelic progressive stoner masterpiece titled 'Something Wicked This Way Comes'. This song is hard to top - it is a conglomerate of the best ideas and put together to an intoxicating maelstrom. 'Omnipresence' offers everything and more you are looking
for a modern stoner metal release with influences from psych to prog to punk to 70's hard rock and is The Grand Astoria’s strongest album
to date. – Captain Beyond Zen (USA)

They have the fuzz of classic Fu Manchu but they bring the sound and style to the present day. They sound incredibly fresh which makes them sound like a potent force to be reckoned with. They also have a 70's rock melodic sensibility so elements of Black Sabbath appear but only to reinforce their already infectious arrangements. The main difference with 'Omnipresence' compared with earlier releases is this
is more varied which in hindsight is a major bonus as it makes this an album you can listen to from start to finish with ease.Without a doubt if this album gets heard by more people, it will be album of the year
for many of us. It is not only the best album they have ever made but one of the best albums of its kind. It is eccentric with its genre-bending but flows from start to finish without ever having a
major misstep.You need your head checked if you don't take a listen to this great album from The Grand Astoria. .....9.5/10 –Doommantia (USA)

A regal rockin' effort from a great new band, with a ton of varied tunes and omnipresent distortion, The Grand Astoria has won me over with their twisted take on heavy psychedelic music. Worth seeking this
one out." – Planet Fuzz (Australia)

A weird mix of stoner jams, eerie ambience and occasional punk tones,hell, there’s even a little hint of funk in there too. If you like the riffs of Fu Manchu, the ambience of Red Sparowes, occasional funk of
The Chilli Peppers and Russian's, give this album a go. – Ride With The Devil (USA)

So we’ve got nine tracks, almost one hour’s worth of great stuff. At their best the band works really good and I can only imagine how great this band that spends a lot of time on tour is live. –Psychotropic Zone (FINLAND)

So you will find classic stoner tunes, fuzzy guitar riffs, spaced-out atmospheric moments as well as uplifting classic rock tracks. I think this one is their best as a whole. Plus it contains some of the band’s
best songs such as “Something Wicked this Way Comes”, “Mania Grandiosa” and “Rat Race in Moscow”-Dr.Dooms Lair (GREECE)

Loungy Punk Psychedelic Rock from Russia! Must check! Many influences,actually, may be heard when listening to Omnipresence. Sometimes there's a definite Stoner rock / Southern rock feel giving them some welcome Doom sound, sometimes they edge on psychedelic with exquisite wah wah effects on the guitars. Sometimes, you'll hear Monster Magnet,
sometimes some RATM/FNM pop'ish touches. This is a very classy album that rapidly will grow on you provided you’re not immune to some melodies or less aggressive metal. Definitely a good surprise
considering they come from ass-frozen Russia, which lately seem to produce only Funeral Doom bands and/or Pagan acts. - Spirit Of Metal

As a band, The Grand Astoria are quickly growing into their sound, and their third offering documents that process well. – The Obelisk (USA)

On Omnipresence Russians appear as genre-crossing men of intent, as the Petrograd’s progressive jams glide through riff tumbles,shimmy-shakes and heavy doses of MC5. Omnipresence is The Grand Astoria’s strongest album to date. –Chybucca Sounds (UK)

Let's start the new year with a nice surprise; 'Omnipresence', The Grand Astoria's third & latest offering. These Russian dudes have been busy, it's been less than a year since 'II'. And TGA delivers like no other with this one. I think 'Omnipresence' gathers all the good stuff from previous releases & puts them together in one psychedelic, groovy, weird, spaced-out original package. A constantly evolving
sound that found it's way... Great, dynamic release with lots of variation & musical surprises. Check it out, their best release yet! –Stonerobixxx (BELGIUM)

The Grand Astoria shows a lot of progression with this album. The first two albums were already impressive, but Omnipresence is really their masterpiece. With this self produced album these guys from Saint-Petersburg does sound more Stoner and less Grunge. –Stoner Rock Is Here To Stay (THE NETHERLANDS)

I know the year just started, but Omnipresence is already a solid contender for the 'Best of 2011.' It's eccentric mix of styles throughout the album keep it fresh for the entire hour (almost).Obviously I'll have to give it another listen or four before next
December, but this is a great way to start the year off. – Klepto’s Guide To Awesome Music (USA)

There’s no doubt that this is the first great album of 2011 you’ll hear.This is easily a top pick of 2011. It’s got repeat power and I can see myself going back numerous times throughout the year to listen. I’m sure you’ll feel the same way too. – The Soda Shop (USA)


released January 1, 2011


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The Grand Astoria Saint Petersburg, Russia

Psychedelic jam rock having sex with heavy metal

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