Soft Focus EP

by The Grand Astoria

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Mikhail The third, and probably not the last, release from the band in 2015!
This acoustic EP is kinda sequel to their 2014's "Who's in Charge?" single.
The Grand Astoria shows us its lyrical singer-songwriter side without loud fuzzes and distortions on this record.
Sounds a bit unusual, but awesome as always! Favorite track: Beauty of the Simple Things.


released August 6, 2015

Songs written by K. Sharapodinov, except #6 (Graham Nash). Arrangements by Kamille, Danila and all the parties involved.
Kamille Sharapodinov - vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, ukulele
Danila Danilov - vocals, melodica, flute, percussion, synth
Denis Kirillov - grand piano, fender Rhodes
Vladimir Zinoviev - drums, percussion
Robin Kleuskens - dobro
Slava Lobanov - banjo
Eugene Trukhin - bass (2, 7, 9)
Michail Lopakov - bass (3, 5, 6)
Ravil Azizov - clarinet
Dasha Stepanova - cello
Sophia Miroedova - artwork
Alexander Karelin - mixing and mastering
Recorded by Danila Danilov in "Red Wave" studio during Spring - Summer 2015



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Track Name: One Hand Clap
When there is no hope
For the mind that sleeps
For the broken heart stressed by memories
Of the future days and the days gone by
Count from 9 to 10
Call and he will come
In the end

Tell him how it feels
To be old and tired
Play him all your cards
He'll just laugh and smile
Such a fool

What a miracle your life is
You won't understand
Till the restless hand of doom
Breaks your spine and legs
Crash the bones

Squeeze your soul into the bottle
Handle it with love and care
And the feeling once forgotten
Steps in only if you dare

When blind leads - blind will follow
Track Name: In the End of Everything
There's the place
Where the magic and the wonder dwell
It's here
In our hearts and minds, in hopes and even fears
But between us there is emptiness and pain
Suffering, betrayal and lies
Hate and self-indulgence all the time
Children of tomorrow buried under ruins of our crimes

Let it burn!
They will sing and dance and clap their hands
They will preach and praise the lord they never met
They will vanish all obscurity away
And it the end of the road
They will discover who we were
Shadows and desperate souls
Blinded by the jealousy and rage

But the Sun will shine again
And the skies will be clear again
And the nature will breathe again
In the end of everything

And the Moon will rise again
And the stars will fall again
And this love will be the word
In the end of everything
Track Name: Don't Belong
Since there is no one else
Who can carry all this weight
Just me, myself and I
And a bunch of trustful friends
Who will tell you then
That eating flesh is not that fun
Surely it won't make you strong
Walking graveyard if you want

Blood rain's falling
And mankind's calling
For the savior with the goat head
Tried to be kind, never worked out
King of kings on the cross

Don't compete and don't compare
This is how it works my dear
So here I go again
With my song that stays the same
Who will tell you then
Wearing fur is not that warm
Just blood and gore all over the floor
Swallow, vomit ask for more

Blood rain's falling
And mankind's calling
For the savior with the goat head
Failed in being kind, never worked out
King is hanging on the cross

Blood rain's falling
And mankind's calling
For the savior with the goat head
Saints and sinners
Losers, winners
Don't belong here
Just don't belong
Track Name: R'n'R (Road and Romance)
"R'n'R (Road and Romance)"

Let me take you there
Where no pain, no sorrow and no tears
Were never seen
In the the shade of giant oak tree
I will tell you story
Of the frog that kissed the Queen

So it starts again
The same old funny situation
When you cannot move, you cannot breathe
To everyone's surprise
And those butterflies still there
In the sweet tranquility
And it's time to fly

Look inside
There's void
Or silver light?
That shines, that helps to stand the night
For rich and poor
For young and old
This good old love will save us all

Such a lovely morning
Take the open highway
And just read it like a book
Make the old truck driver laugh and smile
Sure he still remembers
Your good jokes and fancy look

And it comes again
The tricks of your imagination
Was it real? Was it true? Or just fantasy?
Yes it takes some time to understand this simple rule
All the best things in life are free